Attack on Titan movie trailer made me sad.

             Something that I say often “I AM AN ATTACKON TITAN FAN”, I really like this anime, it is one of the best anime I have seen, it ranks high all the way up there…

AnimeQnews: Attack On Titan Live Action Movie News Update (T...
Anime rock in 2015

TechQnews: Google Chromebit a Computer on a stick

Chromebit is a computer that you can put in your pocket, Yeah, as I said it is a computer-on-a-stick as the size of USB flash drive, you can plug it into any screen with HDMI…

Why Nintendo is being such a jerk !

YouTube Gaming launches today, will Twitch still be a thing?

Today it is the launch of YouTube gaming a service that has long expected by all YouTubers and gamers, YouTube gaming launched as a website service similar to twitch and it has a smartphone app…

Anime Spectrum: Attack on Titan Review (Shingeki no Kyojin)

This is my first anime review ever, I chose Attack on Titan because it is one of the best anime I have watched in the last few years, watch the video to see what I…

Let’s Play: Race The Sun (should be named 50 shades of gray)

    Ok, if you check the game you’ll understand why I said it should be called 50 shades of gray, because almost every color in the game is a shade of gray, I don’t…

Let’s Play Retro: Metal Slug 1 (Part 2)

Metal Slug 1 was released in 1995, 20 years ago, this game was cutting edge technology, still today I find a very entertaining video game to play, well, in this second part I died a…

TopXlist: Top 5 Male Voice Over Actors in Anime

If you have been watching anime for a while, most likely you fell in love with faceless voice, today I’m here to make a tribute to the best voice over actors ever.