About BitlandX                                                                                                             

       The BitlandX channel on YouTube alongside BitlandX website, don’t fall in one simple category, it is more of a reflection of the things I find interesting and fun, so If you grew up playing Super Mario and you’re in love with Legend Of Zelda, if you’re a Dragon ball fan and into One Piece and can’t stop wondering when the next Attack On Titans season will be aired, If you’re looking forward for the next IPhone, the next Galaxy tablet, the next Nvidia and AMD graphic cards and you are open to learn more about everyday technology Then you are in the right place my friend, BitlandX isn’t my channel or website, it is our channel, our website, it belongs to all the cool people around the world, the people who share similar passions, I would be honored to have you hanging around BitlandX both channel and website, I like to play video games, watch anime, I’m always looking forward to everything new in the tech, I’m just into the geeky and awesome stuff, if you are like me than WELCOME HOME, I’m looking forward to share my thoughts and ideas with you and I hope you’ll share yours with me. Keep smiling and shine on. ^__^

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