Amazing Artwork from Amazing games

“I did a malware check and other virus stuff on the file and it seemed OK, so I just shot ahead with it,” Jamie said. What Jamie says he found was kind of inscrutable. Creepy, enigmatic, but inscrutable. Thankfully, Jamie actually documented his playthrough of the game.

Something that the deep web is particularly good for, however, is anonymity. Users can upload stuff to something called Onion sites incognito, and anyone that accesses that content will have a harder time tracing the source.

A little while back, Jamie, the proprietor of the YouTube channel Obscure Horror Corner, says he dove into the deep web to download a mysterious game hosted on an Onion site. The file was called “Sad Satan,” and it was a horror game that piqued his interest. It was, after all, an obscure horror game he could feature on his YouTube channel.

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