Attack on Titan movie trailer made me sad.

             Something that I say often “I AM AN ATTACKON TITAN FAN”, I really like this anime, it is one of the best anime I have seen, it ranks high all the way up there with Berserk and Monster, Some genies thought they needed to make a live action movie adaptation and the result was … to put it slightly, was kind of crap, the first time they released the first trailer which didn’t show much about the movie, I tried to give the benefit of the doubt, but with the release of today’s trailer, I was so disappointed, the first thing I have to say about it is that the titans look so fake and they as if they were made with paste or mud, anyway, my point is that it looks as fake as a two dollar bill, the 3D maneuver gear animation, what I saw in the trailer doesn’t come anywhere near the animation we saw on the anime, one more thing I noticed, the anime was marked by the colorful scenery, the vivid colors add a lot to the anime, but in the movie they added such a gloomy touch on the photography they used, well, I don’ know if I’m going to watch the movie or not, I guess I have to wait and see the final result, by all means what’s writing here in this article is just my personal opinion, so go ahead and watch the trailer yourself and let me know what you think about it in the comments below.

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