Few months ago a video game was first seen as a let’s play video in the obscure horror corner channel on YouTube, as the name of the channel suggest it is a horror video game Sad Satan, you may think, there is thousands of horror video games out there, what makes this game any different than the rest, well, simply put this game is shrouded in mystery, starting from the start, according to James the owner of the obscure horror corner, it all started when he received a link from one of his subscribers, which was file download link from the ”DEEP WEB”, the deep web is one of the thing that his reputation don’t tell the whole truth of it, many people may think of it as a shady place where you can get access to drugs, arms and maybe even hitmen and child porn, yes, that’s true but there is a lot of websites in the deep web just as normal as any other website In the indexed internet, it is about fitness and movies and all the regular stuff that normal people seek, so the deep web it is not complete innocent and it is not as sinister as many people think of it. It is just refers to the vast repository of web sites and information that search engines and directories don’t have direct access to. It is a bunch of databases, password-protected sites, private websites and forums.


James as a horror video games fan he downloaded the file after running a malware scan, installed the game and he started playing.

Here where things started to get weird, this games was all about walking in some sort of black-n-white, low fading color maze, with no soundtrack except the sound of your sound of your footstep and some distorted strange voices and a lot of recordings played backward, all you can do is walk toward what it seems to be a door or some enters that lights comes from, as any player he assumed that the object was to walk toward that door to be surprised that while you are walking you get teleported from one place to another and not only that after a while some weird images started to flash on the screen for a second or even less, images like this one.


This image was a gentleman at Konopiště in the Czeck Republic. It was the last residence of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, an avid hunter and the guy whose assassination started World War I. The internet has discovered that the man pictured is Franz Joseph,9th prince of Thurn. Another image was this.


The image of Jimmy Savile and Margaret Thatcher promoting the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC). I believe that this image was used for the irony of it because Jimmy Savile himself was notoriously accused of many child sexual assaults.

The creepy part does stop that in the second part of the game that was uploaded on the obscure horror channel, as you wonder in the maze you meet what seems to be a child-sized being, when you get near them they start screaming in a terrifying way, those scream feel so real, if you want to check that part you can find it in the second part of the let’s play at timing 8:10 of the video. We are nowhere near by now, the next thing you know, some weird coded writing starts to appear on the screen for few seconds, a reddit user was able to crack it and it read something like this.  


That’s really is creepy, I must mention here that James said that there was a Notepad file that keeps on appearing on his desktop every times he plays the game, why ? that still a mystery, as it was expected a third part of the game was uploaded, this part goes the same as the first two but with  a lot of audio passages when of them is theCharles Manson gave from San Quentin to NBC in the 1980s. The player is forced to listen long part of it while creepy imagery is once again flashed.

Most of the images flashed on the screen are images of rapist and child molester and some sort of a ritual and satanic symbolism, many of you must be wondering how does this game end, as far as I know the only person who played the game is James, he couldn’t finish it, because according to his the game become too creepy to play it. I can easily understand that, so I guess we will never know the end of it. Reading this article won’t give you the full creepy experience like play this game, this bring us to ask the question, who made this game? And why? What does it all mean?  Sorry to break to you guys but none really know, all we know is that the person who uploaded it this video game on the deep web signed the post as ZK and that he used to share a lot of weird and satanic content, there is a lot of theories out there about Sad Satan, we can’t tell what true and what’s not, one thing I’m sure of is that Sad Satan has become a horror video game urban legend, for more information about the game watch this video below.

If you want to watch the original let’s play from the obscure horror corner channel you can do so HERE

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