YouTube Gaming launches today, will Twitch still be a thing?


Today it is the launch of YouTube gaming a service that has long expected by all YouTubers and gamers, YouTube gaming launched as a website service similar to twitch and it has a smartphone app for both android and IOS, YouTube gaming’s streaming will be will be conducted on HTML5

So does it stand a chance against twitch, the short answer, YES, because it is YouTube, YouTube means google, but not only that YouTube gaming has a feature that gamers have been waiting for and expecting in twitch the is the DVR mode “digital video recording mode”, DVR mode. Once enabled, streamers will automatically loop the latest four hours of a stream so viewers will have the ability to rewind anything they missed. But if your video are longer than four hours you can’t rewind that far, but the content will be available in the uploaded videos.Of course, if your stream is longer than fours you won’t be able to rewind to that point but the content will be available in the final, uploaded video. 


Twitch against YouTube gaming, may the best gaming website wins.

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